365 Executive Finance and Technology

365 Executive Finance and Technology
365 Executive Finance and Technology
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Start-ups and small businesses begin with proactive and nimble teams with expertise concentrated in distinct areas. The ability to access seasoned executives to complement your core entrepreneurial leadership is irreplaceable. Cartan has a global network of experienced finance and technology executives available to help make your vision a reality.
Entrepreneurs have relentless passion and focus to fulfill their mission and vision. They are a driving force that inspire people around them and bring together like-minded team members. Nonetheless, shrewd leaders secure corporate veterans with a diverse skill set to provide a solid groundwork and foundation to support the inevitable growth engine.

Cartan has a full suite of C-level executives at the heart of business and technology. Our experienced professionals have led teams at private banks, hedge funds, and other regulated institutions, and have been instrumental in spearheading sweeping initiatives that made company-wide and long-lasting impact.

As the function of corporate finance has evolved dramatically in recent years, modern finance leaders are now accountable to deliver value creation across the entire business. Our deep financial expertise help clients unlock and deliver unprecedented value. We provide corporate financial guidance and create the analytic tools necessary to arm businesses with the intelligence and insights required to make strategic investment decisions.

Underpinning the success machine, technology is the engine that powers businesses to achieve their vision. Investments should be made into agile solutions that become effective assets and allow businesses to adapt to the constantly changing tech-savvy environment. A secure, efficient, and scalable foundational architecture will lead to significant long-term gains. We design, implement, and help clients manage sophisticated solutions using established and emerging technologies.

Cayman Islands Substance

As global initiatives are pursued to promote best practices, combat tax avoidance, and curb harmful tax competition, intergovernmental groups continue to scrutinize low or zero tax jurisdictions. Recent concerns have led to legislative developments in international financial centers to ensure these standards are met.

Previous compliant cross-border structures may soon be tested to obtain adequate, local economic substance. Cartan is a full-service financial technology management consulting firm and have top-caliber executives readily available to provide as much or as little support as necessary. For more information about the consequences and implications, please see our latest thinking on economic substance here.

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